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British Flashers: British flashers on tour in this new amateur porn blog

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

British Flashers: British flashers on tour in this new amateur porn blog. UK Road Trips is a blog about a pornographer called Marino and his very lucky and very dirty friends and their exploits throught England with all these dirty exhibitionists that they find. Marino is doing what all men would like to do. He is spending all his time fucking dirty amateur exhibitionists and porn stars, filming it and then  selling his movies. How good it would be to be paid to fuck dirty young women? See the free video blog here or watch the movie below


British exhibitionist flashers her arse then gets fucked

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

British exhibitionist flashers her arse then gets fucked. Well she has a great arse, so why not flash it around. Which she does, so we all get a great look at her great arse, before this exhibitionist slut gets fucked hard while it all gets filmed. I love a confident girl who loves to flash her arse and when you have an arse as good as this. You need to flash it.


British flashers in London making amateur porn film on the streets

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

British flashers in London making amateur porn film on the streets. This is the big one, the time when I feel the UK Road Trips really came together. Luckily I had Bob the Knob back; they finally found a drug that allowed him to be out in public for more than five minutes without getting his cock out. He lasted at least 6 minutes. The girl of my dreams joined me on this Road Trip, and although living with Rebekah Jordan, I knew my heart had been stolen by this woman, Sonia arrived, she is half Egyptian, and takes you to the banks of the Nile with one look into her eyes. We picked her up from the Station and no sooner was she in the wagon when her clothes were off and this stunningly beautiful dusky lady was writhing over my ever stiffening cock. Oh my God I knew this was gonna be a movie. We set off that evening in search of the perfect night out, we picked up the ever rampant Jo Marshall from good old Tooting, and set off for the Kings Road Chelsea, Sonia and Jo were the perfect combination of ladies to take out to London. We hit Hammersmith Palais one of the greatest clubs in the world, we pulled up outside as the crowds were waiting to get in, we ran past security and the girls went straight to party mode, what ensued I can only thank my lucky stars, we were whisked up to the V.I.P suite where we gave the 50 men strong security team a live two girl show then me and bob entered the equation and the girls. What a night in London.


Flashers on the street in southend in Essex

Saturday, June 7th, 2014

Essex is well known for it’s sluts. Southend in Essex is a well known party town and is jam packed full of drunk sluts on the street. It is easy to walk around Essex and see young drunk sluts flash their tits and pussy. It happens all the time. You often see these young flashers fucking on the streets of southend also. In this great movie we have two young flashing sluts flashing and licking each others cunts in southend while we film it. Then we take them back the the bed and breakfast and fuck them, while we film the whole lot.


Exhibitionists fucking in Southampton on UK roadtrips

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Now with the dirty fuckers from UK Roadtrips back in the fuck van, they make another quick stop at Southampton. This exhibitionist slut is one filthy whore. She seriously loves cock and loves to fuck anywhere. So these guys take it in turns fucking her while driving around southampton. Although a bit on the skinny side, this slut has a decent body, but thats not what I like about her. it is the fact that she is one filthy whore that I like best. One thing our hero Marino (the guy who shoots all the UK roadtrip movies)  loves is to get his cock inside the arse of gorgeous English slappers. I would love to have been one of the guys watching her when they were driving around southampton fucking. That’s enough to get any man rock hard


British exhibitionists fucked in a car on the motorway from Birmingham

Friday, May 16th, 2014

British exhibitionists fucked in a car on the motorway from Birmingham by these two guys. They take it in turn to film each other fucking this dirty whore. One thing our hero Marino loves is to get his cock inside the arse of gorgeous babes. The first one cums over her tits and belly and the second guy cums in her mouth. This is the best thing to cum out of Birmingham ever. Which isn’t a great feat as nothing good has ever cum out of Birmingham before. This is a great movie and it is nice to see the people in the other cars looking while this slut is masturbating and then getting fucked.


British exhibitionists out in a van in Cambridge

Saturday, May 10th, 2014

British exhibitionists out in a van in Cambridge. This brunette amateur slut gets her pussy licked by a bunch of guys in the woods in cambridge. Before getting so horny that she needs to get a proper fuck. So her and her boyfriend go back the the fuck van, that we are using to tour around the U.K fucking sluts. Where she gets a good hard fuck from her boyfriend. While we film it all. I have always loved driving, but when the end of the trail leads to some dirty British exhibitionist fucking in the back, you better bloody well bet that I’ll be all over it.


Flashing at Leeds castle in Kent

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Flashing at Leeds castle in Kent. Then in this great British amateur hardcore porn movie. We go back to one of the sluts we are filming grand parents house and finish the porn movie, fucking these British flashing sluts. But the flashing at this great tourist spot is a must see for flashing lovers. love to see panties, am very lucky to be a tour guide and as i speak i see lots of undies up short skirts. I’ve coached girls into flashing and they LOVE the attention and excitment the more you show the more exciting it gets almost everyone of them graduated to NO panties and most to shaved


British flashers from Nottingham fuck outside in public

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

I love this British movie. It starts up when the guys pick up this slut at the Nottingham railway station. She is going to give them all a guided tour of all the dogging and flashing spots in Nottingham. But of course when you get a slut like this in the car it isn’t long before all the guys are taking it in turns to fuck her. They then take this exhibitionist slut to a well known dogging spot in Nottingham where she blows a few of the guys. Then the movie is finished up back at the hotel room where this slut gets two cocks at once and even gets double penetrated. As for the whole “UK roadtrip” site, sometimes a movie will begin with a guy riding around in a car and then cut immediately to bedroom before the sBritish amateur slag gets fucked in front of the camera. There are, however, quite a few movies where a couple of guys drive around and fuck the sluts in public or in the back of the van. Usualy it is a combination of fucking in the back of the van and public sex and then another fuck indoors, just to make sure these bitches have been properly used


Amateurs make hardcore porn movie in London’s Picadilly Circus

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Amateurs make hardcore porn movie in London’s Picadilly Circus. One thing that the guy who films and stars in lots of the U.K roadtrips movies, Marino has always wanted to do was shoot an orgy movie in the back of a car while it was traveling through London’s city center. Well, we found two filthy sluts who were game and of we went, fucking and sucking round Picadilly Circus.


Southampton flasher having it off in the back of the van on the motorway

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Southampton flasher having it off in the back of the van on the motorway. It seems that every slut on arrival with the Road Trip guys ends up in the back of the minibus getting fucked by all of the team and it was no different for this slut from Southampton. While the other traffic was whizzing past the windows she was having the fuck of a lifetime. While we all watched and then joined in. I wonder how many strangers watched her sucking and fucking as we filmed.


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