British Flashers: Two horny babes strip in the woods

August 20th, 2014

British Flashers: Two horny babes strip in the woods. Watch these two horny exhibitionists get saucy in the woods. They both love the fact that people can see them taking their clothes off. They both have great tits and great slim legs and have pulled up their skirts so that you can see the colour of their panties. The girls at British doggers stop at nothing to bring you the best and most shocking public exhibitionist pictures and videos available on the web, from naked shopping to public masturbation. To swingers fucking each other in public


British Flashers: Sexy young brunette flashes in the park

August 18th, 2014

British Flashers: Sexy young brunette flashes in the park. See this great movie where a stunning slim brunette is seen out in the park wearing a very tight blue t shirt and miniskirt and no underwear! You can see her pert tits through her tight top. She loves to show what a lovely pussy she has up her skirt! This young British amateur goes on a wild flashing rampage on public streets of the north of England, plus she goes to the parks. The wild british exhibitionist stops at nothing to let the world get a view of her cunt, ass and pussy and even the local police get a good look at this exhibitionist. I am surprised this young flasher never got arrested. download the full length flashing movie at exxxposers.

British Flashers: Blonde exhibitionist pisses in public

August 16th, 2014

British Flashers: Blonde exhibitionist pisses in public. Watch this gorgeous blonde outdoors in nothing but a leather jacket and trainers. This young blonde British flasher is back on the streets causing outrage with her wild and daring public nudity out and about the and towns  cities of England. She is dying to take a piss in public and thats what she does. But the horny blonde exhibitionist doesnt stop there and makes a load of noise while masturbation in a public park. She just happily crouches down and takes a piss with a smile on her face. Plenty of people can see her with her pussy and arse on full display and she loves it! Then finally her boyfriend fucks her. I love the moment a stranger runs past and takes a picture with his camera phone


In this public exhibitionist movie, this couple are fucking outside in in the park. This wife fucks this guy hard in public at this known dogging spot and it is all captured on film.

British flashers: brunette flashes her pussy in the woods

August 14th, 2014

British flashers: brunette flashes her pussy in the woods. See this stunning brunette in the woods on a sunny day, she’s hot in a tight floral miniskirt which she pulls up round her waist to reveal that she has no panties on. She doesn’t mind who sees her, she loves being an exhibitionist. No surprise as she has a fucking great little shaved cunt that looks fucking great. The sort of shaved pussy you want to pull apart with your lips and suck like a tangerine. I can see its very wet as well


In this movie from British doggers these two dogging sluts are sucking of this stranger in this hardcore exhibitionist movie shot in public. This yound swinger got balled cunt, her small firm ass and throat fucked and covered in spunk from all the strangers just standing and watching and wanking while she performed oral sex on these strangers

British flasher from only teasing flashing her nylons outside

August 12th, 2014

This website is just not merely filled up with sexy prick teasers, it’s also brimming with hot material such as stockings, tights, underwear and sexy clothes & there is an abundance of this! This material dates back to 2000 and these days you will find at the least three to five updates on a daily basis. The site pledges that many. I think everyone loves discovering fresh women each day, or perhaps at least recognizable girls in different pics along with videos, with any visit.

Filled up with naughty softcore pictures plus films, only tease is a extraordinary site for being teased. The actual young ladies are generally lively plus sexy and also the videos and also photographs are often tasteful. only tease emphasizes stockings, tights, underwear along with costume fetishes, even though it seems as if a lot of females get topless as well as nude as well, nevertheless yet again that material is usually a lot more sexy than explicit. only tease can be incredibly fluffy, nevertheless the best part is the fact that if tease is definitely all you would like, and then right now there seems less sites to get a whole lot of this as compared to only tease. The following lady out of only tease flashing her nylons outside

British amateur MILF Danica Collins flashing

August 10th, 2014

although Danica looks like a lady, a very posh lady, she is actually a filthy slut. It isn’t very often you come across a lady as classy as Danica outside flashing. Watch Danica in the sun ramming the vibrator deep inside her wet milf cunt until she cums, loud and hard. Lucky for us when Danica goes out for a picnic it means lots of flashing and playing with herself outside and today in the  picnic hamper Danica found that she had remembered her favorite vibrator.. Visit Danica at her own new personal site here

British Flashers: Dogging in the UK

August 8th, 2014

Dogging UK is a amateur porn blog for voyeurs and flashers. it has lots of public sex, that often involves the voyeurs who are watcching, joining in. Often it’s just real exhibitionists out and about in public flashing. Getting their asses, pussy and boobs out in front of the camera on the streets of Britain.

Dogging UK not only has great flashing porn it has flashing locations, flashing news, flashing and amateur porn and flashing links and much much more. This dogging blog is updated daily, with exhibitionists, both couples and girls on their own as they travel around the UK fucking and flashing. Below is a sample of the real amateur porn you can get at this great dogging blog


British doggers and flashers newsletter

August 6th, 2014

Do you want to join my British doggers newsletter and get amateur doggers pics and movies? And get updates on dogging locations and meetings, featuring some of my favorite British doggers? Join my newsletter and I will mail you lots of free updates including stories and pictures of British doggers I know you will love. You can unsubscribe at any time and I will never give out your email address.


British flashers: Brunette masturbates in her car

August 4th, 2014

British flashers: Brunette masturbates in her car. Masturbating can take place in the car. Sometimes it is often known to happen when the car is actually parked, but more often than not, the car is traveling down the highway with a man or a woman inside, hands down their panties and masturbating while driving. But this hot young British exhibitionist is masturbating in the parked car at this well known dogging spot. Waiting for a load of doggers to watch her. Watch this sexy young brunette get horny on the back seat of her car. She is wearing a tight hot pink top and has her legs apart ready to masturbate. She has pink satin panties on….but not for long.


Movie star Marilyon Monroe turns out to be amateur porn star?

August 2nd, 2014

Movie star Marilyon Monroe turns out to be amateur porn star? Movie star Marilyn Monroe singing to JFK in this classic movie clip. Just to remind you who she is, ;) But thats not the reason for posting this classic clip, what I real want to know is have you seen this movie star and “maybe” exhibitionist amateur porn star in this new marilyn monroe sex tape that is in the news? I really want to know if this is Marilyn on this home made marilyn sex tape. Plus more importantly was it President Kennedy in this amateur porn movie? You can’t see the guy having his cock sucked, all you can see is what looks like Marilyn on her knees sucking his cock, though it looks pretty real to me I guess it could be a fake. So I have been on the net searching for clues and found this celebrity blog that has news clips and interviews with all the people surrounding this sex tape. Visit marilyn monroe sextape here and see what you think for yourself, whether if it’s her or not. I would love it if it was, the idea of Marylin Monroe doing amateur porn is a real turn on.

British flashers: Sexy young blonde naked in her car

July 31st, 2014

British flashers: Sexy young blonde naked in her car. See this fantastic flashing movie where a stunning young blonde is sitting in the passenger seat of her car with no clothes on. Long car trips can be boring; masturbating gives you a peace of mind while you are driving down the highway. All you have to do is stick your hand down your pantiess or up your skirt. Move your panties aside and start rubbing. Like this young British exhibitionist who has great big tits and is sitting with her legs spread wide apart. Loads of people can see her when they walk or drive past and she loves it! download the full length flashing movie here at exxxposers.

Dogging comes to America with American dogging

July 29th, 2014

This great blog American Dogging shows American women flashing and fucking like the British women on my blog do. Like in this movie. This women is a real theater slut and she has the tattoo to prove it. Dirty D takes Celeste to the tattoo shop to get theater sluts tattoo’s right above her pussy for all to see. This fucking whore Celeste is not happy until she sucks off every last stranger. Dirty D strips this tatoo’d slut naked so everyone can see her tattoo and the perverts in the cinema quickly begin to gather around This slut is what dogging is all about. Real filthy fucking whores getting fucked by as many strangers as possible. See American dogging here to watch more great free American dogging movies. Or enjoy this theater slut movie


Wife cleaning the car outside flashing the neighbours her breasts down her blouse

July 27th, 2014

In case you are into down blouse along with nip-slips, in that case this great site is completely critical. down blouse loving is a good website. I question if you may see a website with such a big collection of seductive, down blouse or nipple slip video clips. down blouse loving have got a notable group of UK based women. So, in case you are the kind that is aroused by a good old fashioned Uk beginner busty ladies, you will be set for a treat. down blouse loving undoubtedly have got a significant selection of boobs of all sizes and shapes. Though I believed I spotted a number of familiar juggs, it seems they’ve accumulated rather a collection involving exceptional ladies. And also some of the most popular big boob British amateur women I have seen. Pay a visit to down blouse loving now.


Women flashing from their homes on webcam

July 25th, 2014

Now we all like to go out and watch women flashing in public. But I also love to watch women flashing on webcam. That way I don’t have to go out on a winters night to get my fix of flashing. But I have never found a really good webcam site that has 100’s of real exhibitionists to choose from all flashing from their homes. We have young college girls who love to get really naughty on webcam, plus of course filthy milf flashers who often bring their husbands on the webcam so we can watch them getting fucked. I have recorded some of these live sex shows and will be adding a new one to this post every day. But if you want to watch some of these flashers yourself on webcam then take a look at them here.

British flashers: sexy girl flashes her shaven pussy

July 23rd, 2014

British flashers: sexy girl flashes her shaven pussy. See this sexy young babe as she flashes her shaven pussy outside in the middle of the country. She has nothing on but a tight bright t shirt and sexy heels. I do love a pussy that is shaved, I do love a nice smooth young cunt, like thisslutty British exhibitionist has. Seems like this British flasher really loves to flash her nice smooth cunt in public because this slut has gone out in the park in this  mini dress and forgets to put on some panties on


British Flashers: Sexy slut shows you up her skirt

July 21st, 2014

British Flashers: Sexy slut shows you up her skirt. She goes for a walk and is in one hell of a kinky mood and as soon as she is behind a wall her naughty kinky streak comes out. Watch this sexy young slut sitting outdoors at a park picnic bench wearing a floaty dress which keeps on blowing up with the wind. You can see right up her dress and can see she’s wearing no panties. From time to time, she also flashes her tits. She pulls up her skirt and top showing her small tits and panties, she then pulls her white cotton panties to one side download the full length flashing movie here.

British flashers: blonde exposes herself on the bus

July 19th, 2014

British flashers: blonde exposes herself on the bus. See this sexy young blonde expose herself on the bus! It’s broad daylight but she doesn’t care who can see. She loves flashing and has a big smile on her face as she shows off her sexy body. you can see her tits and her shaven pussy. She’s wearing sexy black knee high boots. I never liked the idea of public transport. But if you can go on a bus or train in England and see some hot exhibitionist like this flashing her cunt at you, I would start to use public transport more often


British Flashers: Sexy Milf flashes in a country park

July 17th, 2014

British Flashers: Sexy Milf flashes in a country park. Watch this sexy older lady posing in her floaty dress and sexily flashing her tits and her pussy to innocent passers by in the local park. This British flashing milf is taken from exxxposers which features flashing girls alone or in the park masturbating, you will find movie’s a more  in restaurants, and others fingering themselves in public bars and also loads of fucking outside in public download the full length flashing movie here.

British flashers: sexy brunette flashes on a train

July 15th, 2014

British flashers: sexy brunette flashes on a train. See a very sexy long haired brunette get all horny in a first class train carriage. She is sitting opposite a fellow commuter and looks so hot with her legs apart. She has a tiny miniskirt on, sexy black stockings and heels and you can see shes wearing no panties. The guy takes  peek over the top of his paper now and then to get a glimpse of her shaven pussy.


British Flashers: Sexy blonde Milf flashes her pussy

July 13th, 2014

British Flashers: Sexy blonde Milf flashes her pussy. See this great British flashing movie where a gorgeous looking blonde Milf is out in the countryside flashing her lovely pussy. She’s sitting in a very public place with her legs spread. She looks sexy and demure in a tight pink top and tight black miniskirt. She has no panties on and loves showing her pussy to passers by. download the full length flashing movie here.

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